QuickDerm ointment 2 oz tube - Petnetwork.shop
QuickDerm ointment 2 oz tube - Petnetwork.shop

QuickDerm ointment 2 oz tube

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Why choose QuickDerm for wound management?

  • Once-a-day application on all animals
  • Guaranteed satisfaction or money back
  • Inhibits proud flesh & “will not test”
  • Choice of spray, ointment, or dressing
  • Substantial decrease in cost per dose
  • Impacts inflammation and promotes healing
  • Adheres well to wound & will not run off
  • Forms a protective barrier/ retains moisture
  • Extreme heat or cold will not affect quality
  • Better shelf life (3 years)
  • Contains no caustic or toxic ingredients

QuickDerm works ESPECIALLY well on burns.
In fact, it's in the burn kit of the 
California Veterinary
Medical Reserve Corps. (CAVMRC)


Ease of use:

  • Cleanse wound using standard practices
  • Apply ointment or spray to the entire wound bed
  • Option to wrap or not
  • Repeat daily for best results
  • QuickDerm can be applied directly over tendon and bone

Polyethylene glycols, water, citric acid, potassium citrate, sodium citrate, benzoic acid, salts of rubidium, calcium and zinc.

Why People Choose VIZOOVET

The American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists

We use VIZOOVET for pets that have dry eye and painful/sore eyes because there is no sting and VIZOOVET is more gentle than harsher prescription alternatives. Owners call us all the time saying that their pet is much more comfortable after their first VIZOOVET application!

Carolyn Hopkins

VIZOOVET helped my Snickers eye infection so much!